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Presentations: Git and Code Review for Beginners

27 July 2021

Lately, I’ve been volunteering with The Collab Lab, a nonprofit org that works to give early-in-career (and predominantly not cis/white/male) folks exposure to the non-coding aspects of software engineering. It focuses on Code Reviews, Git, Retrospectives, and resume-building. It’s really great, and I’m proud to work with them.

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New Terraform Module: Vault on GKE

04 February 2021

Good News, Everyone: I wrote a new Terraform module

One of the major holes in the GCP/Hashicorp ecosystem is the fact that there isn’t a batteries-included module to spin up Vault on GKE. So I decided to write one. If you’re a seasoned Terraformer, this will be pretty self-explanatory, but for the rest of us. I thought I’d walk through what this module does and why you should consider using it.

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